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At Liquid Interactive, we recognise that there are many aspects that contribute to an individual’s health and wellbeing.

Our purpose, ‘improving people’s lives through great digital experiences,’ is much more than a slogan. It underpins a success story in an industry that can be difficult to navigate and engage with.

Recognised as a leader in the application of behavioural and social sciences using digital communications, we solve difficult problems that matter. Our value proposition drives innovation in design thinking and our business model delivers insights that promote business transformation, audience acquisition and engagement via seamless technical implementation.

Improving health and wellbeing is one of the fundamental reasons for the foundation of our company and has been part of our core values and beliefs ever since.


How health promotion became one of our specialty services

In 1999 the founders of the Liquid Group, including one of the world’s leading paediatricians, Dr Russell Viner, saw an opportunity to harness multimedia to empower and motivate young people to improve their health.

Our 17-year journey of development and discovery has led us to create and yield incredible outcomes in the sector of health promotion.

Complemented by the rigour of data analysis and tempered by critical and clinical advice from industry, we have developed an extensive range of products and solutions across a complex area of competing views and disciplines.

Our purpose, persistence and professionalism means that we have been able to carve out a clear and precise value proposition to help business, government and not-for-profit organisations prepare for the future.

When it comes to improving people’s lives through digital technology we can point to more than catchphrases and platitudes, we can show outcomes.

Case Studies

We use digital technology to improve people’s lives…

Beyond Blue


More than a course, it’s a movement.

MindMatters is an evidence-based online learning initiative, teaching mental health and wellbeing to secondary school staff. This program focuses on implementing a whole-school approach for improving mental health outcomes for the entire school community.

Videos bring together leading mental health experts, school staff, students and parents to share stories, told through panel series, animations and a fictional situational comedy called The Eagleton Way.

More than just a media project, MindMatters is a comprehensive program supported by an elaborate UX and UI design. The site is separated into discrete sections, each containing a complex and unique interface, with features such as surveys, quizzes and dashboards – customisable using ‘inline editing’ modules.

MindMatters is one of the world’s most successful online learning initiatives

1,450+ participating schools
35,000+ employed staff members
85,000+ hours of online training complete
* Results as of February 2018


AIMIA Awards (2016)
Best Website or Online Service(Government or Non Profit)
AIMIA Awards (2016)
Best Website or Online Service(Learning and Education)
LearnX Impact Awards (2016) 
Best Learning Project (Wellbeing)
Horizon Interactive Awards (2015)
Training / elearning
Horizon Interactive Awards (2015)
Health / Human Services
Brandon Hall Learning Excellence Awards (2015)
Best unique or innovative learning program
Australian Institute of Training and Development (2015)
Best blended learning solution
LearnX Impact Awards (2016)
Best learning model - online
Horizon Interactive Awards (2015)
Advocacy / non-profit

Triple P

Online Community

We assisted at-risk parents through the world's most successful online parenting program.

A research team from the University of Northern California (UNC) won a significant grant from the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation to investigate how the Triple P Online Community might be more engaging.

Liquid Interactive consulted with UNC, University of Queensland and Triple P International research teams to select the following goals for a new version of Triple P Online:

  • Experiment with social and lightweight game mechanisms to determine their effect on learning outcomes
  • Establish phone accessibility through HTML5 responsive web design
  • Enable engagement with low socio-economic groups who only have access to a smartphone

The new system was built in HTML5 for wide accessibility. Its responsive design allows users to access content on any device. A private social networking system is woven into the entire program, with a dashboard, feeds and automated cues so that participants can share their experiences with other parents and a trained facilitator-moderator.

Encouraging online confidence

An avatar selector helps create a playful mood. It helps participants to build identities while remaining anonymous. An achievement system makes it clear to participants what they should focus on at any given time.


2013 AITD Awards
National Training Excellence Awards
2013 iAwards
QLD State - Education Category

Triple P

Secret Agent Society

We helped kids with Asperger's improve their emotional intelligence.

The Secret Agent Society aims to teach children with Asperger's Syndrome skills in social interaction and emotional control.

Dr Renae Beaumont teamed up with Triple P International and the University of Queensland in research for the game, and the game itself was developed by Liquid Interactive.

Secret Agent Society takes players on a journey to become secret agents, able to pick up and decipher clues about other people's thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Across three levels, Secret Agent Society presents a series of mini-games of increasing complexity – from simple emotional recognition games to elaborate multi-part story-based scenarios where participants solve mysteries and foil bandits.

The game comes with a package of props and reminders, such as stress balls and walkie-talkies that remind players to use techniques that they learn during the game – whether seriously or playfully.

SAS has been the subject of a number of published multi-year studies

The earliest results have demonstrated profound improvement in emotional recognition and self-regulation after completing the program.


2014 US Learning Magazine Teachers’ Choice Awards
For the Family
2014 Autism Spectrum
Advancement Award
2010 AIMIA Awards
(Best learning and education)

St John

Ambulance Apps

We created a way to save lives with the touch of a finger.

Liquid Interactive collaborated with St John to script and develop three interactive first aid apps for iOS.

These apps are instructional and reference tools that provide life-saving information, making it easily on-hand in the event of an emergency.

  1. MediProfiles allows users to store the medical profiles of friends and family so this information can be made readily available in an emergency.
  2. Resuscitate demonstrates how to use a defibrillator and promotes the availability of defibrillators in public places. The app takes advantage of a few native iOS features, such as blowing into the microphone to simulate resuscitation.
  3. First Aid is a handy step-by-step reference guide for medical emergencies and trauma.
This award-winning St John app has been ranked as the #1 First Aid app on both iOS and Android in Australia for four years, and has been featured in magazines and on the Today Show.


Youth Cancer

We created a directory of supportive resources for teens.

After a national search for providers, CanTeen chose Liquid Interactive to design and build their online services directory for Youth Cancer Services.

Designed specifically for the youth demographic, the CanTeen site was an important tool to help young people who live with the challenges of cancer to find services they needed for help.

Young people under 30 with cancer, and their families, have unique needs: physical, emotional, social and psychological, and to find all of these resources can be difficult.

We collaborated with CanTeen to help them build a search platform that would let Australian teens and their families around the country find these resources. The site matches resources with the needs of the user and provides a reliable and private portal for information.

These are some of the clients we have worked with over the years…

  • Beyond Blue
  • Brave Hearts
  • Canteen
  • Cystic Fibrosis QLD
  • Diabetes QLD
  • International SOS
  • St. John
  • Government of Australia SA Health
  • Queensland Government QLD Health
  • Triple P
  • The University of Queensland Australia

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