Experts in digital design for high involvement purchase decisions

Simplifying complex customer journeys

Sometimes customers need help to make the right decision.

Buying a car or home, adopting a pet, switching insurance, planning a holiday, choosing aged care for a family member—these are high involvement purchase decisions, and they present very specific digital design and marketing challenges.

For high involvement decisions, customers need to feel confident, capable and informed. They need to feel like they are making the right choice. This means customers can be doing extensive research, with purchase journeys that have multiple touchpoints. Customers might feel enthusiastic and excited about this process, or they might feel overwhelmed and overburdened.

At Liquid, we specialise in helping customers navigate these high involvement decisions. We simplify and personalise the journey. We create content and tools that build trust, knowledge and confidence, so customers feel like they are making the right decision.


Good strategy is key

We deliver profoundly effective experiences.

In both B2B and B2C categories, our solutions create dramatic improvements in leads, sales, and overall business success. The key is pulling on the strategic lever that will have the most impact.

Our best results come when we design customer journeys, create digital content and build platforms, define campaign strategy and guide execution, align martech implementation to business processes and relentlessly optimise solutions.

For this reason, we can work across a large range of services in a build and optimise model that runs over long periods of time, or on short-term projects with specific objectives and desired outcomes.

Case studies

Isuzu UTE Australia

Customer journeys that help drive continued business growth

Buying a car is a big decision.

Research shows that people invest more time in their decision to buy a car than they do choosing elective surgery.

We’ve been working with IUA for over nine years to guide buyers through that experience in a way that captures their imagination and builds confidence in the quality of their vehicles.

In this time, we have completed four large-scale “quality of life” redesign projects to refresh IUA’s digital presence, built a custom survey system that helps drives business intelligence, helped launch their owner’s loyalty program, I-Venture Club, as well as encourage an active community of engaged followers on social media.

Our work has been influenced by Google’s research into the number of touchpoints consumers will interact with when making an automotive purchase. We created a wide range of activities, content types and interactions that allowed us to shape the entire user journey. We extended this beyond the website and into all digital touchpoints including email, social media and post-purchase surveys.

This approach has contributed to nine consecutive years of double digit sales growth for IUA.


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Purchase Behaviour

RSPCA Queensland

An online tool that helps customers care for their pets

The RSPCA has a policy to accept every animal that arrives on their doorstep—but this was beginning to create an obvious problem as their shelters became a dumping ground for every problem pet.

The RSPCA call centre and shelter staff had a theory that many owners were abandoning their pets for reasons that were entirely surmountable, so they asked the Liquid team to design a new online tool that assisted in reducing the number of surrendered animals to RSPCA shelters, and also reducing the volume of callers seeking commonplace advice.

The Surrender Portal is a microsite connected to the RSPCA QLD corporate Sitecore site. It is a decision support tool that offers specific advice and resources to owners who are having difficulty with their animals, and attempts to provide alternatives to surrendering a pet.

The portal starts with a simple pet and issue selection from predefined drop down lists. The user is directed to a landing page specific to their chosen pet and problem combination, outlining hints, strategies and support services such as a local dog trainer.

The user can download or email this information, or they can progress to possible rehoming options, in which they are provided with contact information for their nearest shelter and an online surrender form.

The Surrender Portal led to an almost immediate 22% reduction in surrenders, translating to $800,000 in annual savings from a $60,000 investment.


Horizon Interactive Awards (2017)
Top 3
Sitecore Experience Awards (2016)
Global People's Choice


Personalisation that simplifies home build decisions

Monier is a roofing specialist and part of the Australia’s leading construction materials manufacturer, CSR.

The decision on a roof is one of approximately 200 in a home build.

The number of decisions and the stakes behind thembuilding a home where you will potentially grow a familymeans that it can be a stressful time for customers. They can be sensitive to even small moments of friction.

We helped Monier to simplify this decision by personalising the experience in pragmatic ways.

For instance, we have set up profiles based on conversion journey stages and created business rules to score user behaviour, so that we can personalise specific calls to action on the site based on this data.

New users are shown “nurture conversions”, like lookbook and product brochure downloads, which are focused on helping customers understand the product. Once they have completed one of these conversions, we display actions geared towards getting them complete purchase-ready conversions, like sample requests.

This resulted in an 11% uplift in customers performing more than one key actionultimately helping to increase the number of customers towards a purchase decision.


Rewiring marketing technology platforms

Brands who have complex, high involvement products often need a solid digital platform to effectively orchestrate their interactions with customers.

We worked with Australia’s largest rail freight operator and top 50 ASX company, Aurizon, to rewire its digital marketing technology (martech), so that it could communicate with potential customers, employees and key stakeholders in more meaningful ways.

Firstly, we upgraded and reconfigured its experience management software, unlocking capabilities to gather better user data, run A/B tests, personalise messages, and deliver location-specific information.

Secondly, we set up a more flexible hosting infrastructure, so that the site could seamlessly scale with the volume of traffic and the changes to the site, as well as reduce unnecessary hosting costs that come with legacy infrastructure.

Finally, we automated the deployment process to enable more frequent releases and opportunities to optimise the site.

Typically this sort of work in a company the size of Aurizon’s necessitates a large transformation project involving many different stakeholders from the business and disrupts business-as-usual activity. We took a different approach and deployed a small cross-functional team of martech consultants, delivery specialists, project managers and hosting providers to minimise business disruption.

There were still emergent challenges throughout the project: navigating technical debt, managing BAU content updates, custom integrations, but the small team was able to adapt to different situations and deliver the capability uplift.

Aurizon is now well positioned to communicate more effectively with its customers, especially in digital channels.