We create great
digital experiences.

We get stunning results.

We helped a new player in automotive join the ranks of the industry leaders.

Four years ago, Isuzu UTE Australia was a new kid in the competitive world of consumer automotive. Now IUA has one of the most effective automotive websites in Australia, and business is booming.

How many people use their phone to buy a car?

Designed one of the world’s most innovative online mental health programs.

Combining animation, sketch comedy, TV production and interaction design, the multi-award winning MindMatters, from Beyondblue, has been hailed as one of the best online mental health initiatives ever.

An online platform to create long-term behaviour change

Developed a game that transforms the social skills of teens with Asperger’s.

Born from PhD research at University of Queensland, Secret Agent Society uses 3D characters and espionage-themed games to teach Asperger’s teens emotional recognition and regulation, with a stunning 70% success rate.

Improving lives through great digital experiences

Designed online operations training for the world’s first CSG to LNG plant.

QGC built the world’s first coal seam gas liquefaction plant on Curtis Island, but they needed a way to show incoming engineers and production staff how to operate it, so we created operational elearning for this major piece of infrastructure.

Production-line thinking for rapid delivery

Helped at-risk parents and children through the world’s most successful online parenting program.

Based on research at University of Queensland, Triple P is one of the world’s most effective evidence-based parenting programs. In 2013 we made an award-winning implementation of the 8-week program, which was successfully tested with at-risk low-income families in South Central L.A. before being released to a wider audience.

Improving lives through great digital experiences

Invented one of the world’s most innovative literacy development platforms.

In 2014 Liquid Interactive was the only international recipient of a Literacy Challenge grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Our winning project, Writelike, represents a completely new approach to developing higher-order literacy in middle school.

We even redesigned and relaunched Australia’s biggest council website, with no downtime and nobody noticing.

Brisbane City Council is Australia’s largest council, and its website serves over a million residents. In 2014 we partnered with PreviousNext to migrate BCC’s site to open-source technology and create a completely new search-and-social oriented design, a massive project, executed flawlessly.

These might seem like radically different stories, but to us they are all one.

Each is about making a genuine improvement in people’s lives through digital technology.

We succeed in diverse projects because our staff have a unique combination of expertise across marketing, education, entertainment and technology.

By unifying these disciplines, we find new opportunities and unique solutions.

We solve problems that matter.

We produce results that are unmistakeable.