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Welcome to Liquid Interactive leading digital agency

Liquid Interactive creates engagement between businesses and customers using digital technologies. Combining strategy, creative and technology, we connect brands and products with audiences in a multiplatform communications environment to deliver business outcomes.

Marketing and education go hand in hand at Liquid Interactive and this unique value proposition assists us in developing strategies and solutions for behavioural change, consumer engagement, product education and information retention and recall.

We create effective user experiences that are built on research and strategy, and then deployed combining creative ideas, clear interaction designs and innovative technology. Supported by a thorough audited quality management system and backed up by outstanding customer service, Liquid Interactive is an end to end digital agency with genuine multiplatform expertise and an outstanding track record of success.

Across the spectrum of digital platforms, from social media and mobility to games and campaigns, we provide the strategy, technology and creative services to support a vast range of marketing, education, advertising and software solutions.

Working in industries such as arts, entertainment, education, Government, transport, construction energy and utilities, communications, health, mining, retail, finance and more, Liquid Interactive provides expertise to deliver a tailored digital solution to achieve measured results.

With over twelve years experience and a team of digital specialists we will work with you to understand your business requirements and design the right combination of choices to deliver your outcomes.

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iAward for Education: Traders of Macquarie University

Liquid Interactive, together with Macquarie University, have developed a multiplayer educational game which has won the iAward for Education. The iAwards emphasizes on technological innovation and recognizes the achievements of Australian innovators. We are incredibly proud of this award, as it recognizes the innovation and quality that have gone into this game.

‘Traders of Macquarie University’ is not your standard multiplayer game. Usually, game mechanics are designed in such a way as to make the challenge fair and balanced for every player. This game is not like that; in fact it is just the opposite.

A large part of what the game is about is not the game itself but a means to get students together, to interact and to have fun. These students are from all over the world, and a big part of the fun is simply working together in order to beat the game. The goal is straightforward; earn more money than anyone else and to do that you’d have to start manufacturing valuable items.

Of course it is a bit more complex than just creating these items; you will need certain tools and certain materials to be able to manufacture anything! This is where you kindly ask your opponent to trade a hammer, some gold or perhaps a bit of iron ore. If he or she is nice about it, there might be a trade, hopefully most players will underestimate you and willingly give you precisely that which is needed to beat the game.

The kicker is that resources aren’t distributed evenly; some players are left without any tools, if they don’t trade they can never win. Other players, on the other hand, have all the tools. This is how the game is rigged, and part of that is because it very broadly reflects some aspects of unfairness in international trade.

By now you must be thinking that some players could get away by simply not trading at all and win like that, and you would be right! However, none of the players are aware of the uneven distribution. And because they are unaware of it, they’ll gladly trade some of their tools because they have plenty of those anyway. The big surprise then, which happens often enough, is when players start out with nothing, but have enough negotiation skills to come out on top!

This game ultimately provides a great tool for breaking the ice between students while everyone tries to outsmart the other. Liquid Interactive had a great time working with Mauricio from Macquarie University to come up with something that provides a great and unique online experience for students.

Screenshot of in-game play


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Mr Rental’s Search For The Oldest Appliance Campaign

As digital marketers, we’ve all seen Facebook campaigns go south with hardly any engagement or having received tough user feedback. As Facebook increasingly makes it difficult for marketers, these campaigns are becoming harder to execute. However, Mr Rental’s latest Facebook campaign proved to be an overwhelming success amongst his followers. The superb level of engagement received throughout the campaign transferred into exciting digital results across the Mr Rental pages.

The “Search for the oldest appliance” campaign ran over one month and provided ample amounts of entertainment, as pictures of timeworn appliances and in some cases – with their owners, would be submitted to be placed in the draw for a $1000 travel voucher.

“They don’t make them like they used to” rung true as entries from Australia and New Zealand rolled in from proud and enthusiastic followers, excited about sharing their aged family heirlooms – some even with names! From Mikee the microwave and Plucka the duck hair-dryer through to Sally the Simpson dryer, these are the antiquated appliances that have proven to have stood the test of time.

Some of the entries were submitted with quite the backstory. Passed down like the family bible, the mixer that was used to make the grandparents wedding cake, now sits proudly on the granddaughter’s kitchen bench awaiting its next cupcake order.

Liquid Interactive, the ongoing digital partner for Mr Rental continues to build on the partnership and is looking forward to many more successful Facebook campaigns together.
For those that didn’t enter, the album full of photos proved genuine interest as each post carried several shares and numerous likes.

View the entire entrant’s gallery here

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Our brand new design of the Brisbane City Council website has launched.

Have you seen the new Brisbane City Council website yet? We partnered up with the digital team at BCC and PreviousNext to deliver this world class design.

Here at Liquid Interactive, we love living and working in Brisbane. So after several years of creating great work with Brisbane City Council, like the Accessibility & Inclusions video and the Weed Identification tool, we were truly thrilled when they asked us to redesign their website.

With a huge amount of impressions every day, we knew that empathy for the end user was going to be integral to this website redesign. Our challenge was to build useful and emotional experiences that the hugely diverse range of Brisbane residents and visitors could have by interacting with this website. It was about real people and real needs.

You’ll see our design rings true to two core functions; search and social.

Image of Brisbane City Council website

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Liquid Interactive redesigns website for mining consultants, Snowden.

Liquid Interactive was recently engaged to redesign the corporate website for Snowden, a mining consultancy with almost thirty years’ experience working with the world’s top resource companies.

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ad:tech San Francisco

In late March, I was fortunate enough to attend the ad:tech conference in San Francisco. Over two massive days I attended presentations and keynote talks across content, data, social, mobile, video and strategy streams. Expert digital marketers from both agency and client sides had a plethora of stats and case studies to share. Here are three of my favourite topics from the conference:

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A Year in Review 2013

2013 has been another spectacular year for Brisbane’s best Digital Agency and looking back its remarkable what can be achieved in only twelve months. As Managing Director of Liquid Interactive, I want to say a huge thank-you to our wonderful employees for your dedication, passion, professionalism and talent and working as a team has truly delivered many great outcomes for our clients as well as personal and professional milestones.

But nothing is achieved without the support and initiative of our valued clients. Please accept our humble gratitude for believing in us and trusting us time and time again with the most important thing to you – your work and your business objectives.