Our Culture

The secret to our success.

Our success is determined by the quality of our people. We deliberately cultivate and maintain a culture that attracts high-quality people and enables high-quality work.

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The Liquid Culture
The Liquid Culture

Our culture can be boiled down to six core values.


We embrace diversity. In our people, in their experience, thinking and perspective; in the projects we take on, and the solutions we develop.

We have a broad portfolio of work that can seem disparate. It’s this diversity that enables us to achieve remarkable results. We know that good marketing is designed to grab attention and good education is designed to keep it. Our focus, regardless of what we’re working on, is to understand the audience deeply and design experiences that deliver the outcomes for all involved.

We deliberately look for T-shaped people—someone with a deep knowledge of their craft, but also other diverse interests. At Liquid, learning specialists work alongside marketers, data analysts, designers, writers, and developers; we’re deliberate in building a diverse team to bring contrasting perspectives to our projects.


We live by some basic but important rules:

  1. We have strong opinions but we hold them loosely. We accept when we are wrong and aren’t afraid to make changes along the way to get the best result.
  2. Be straight up front. If there’s an issue, everyone who should know about it does and we’ll develop a plan to address it.
  3. Spend money like it’s our own. We always try to develop the right solution. If that means we don’t spend all the allocated budget, we won’t. If that means we need to make a business case to increase the budget or change the approach, we will.
  4. We back each other up. We are empowered as individuals and as a collective, all of us invested in each other’s success.
  5. We’re honest with our users. We aim to treat users with respect and give them quality experiences. We learn what our customers want and give them the information they need to make the right decisions for themselves.

We hire smart, talented people but we are wary of egos and empire builders. We believe the team is greater than any individual.

We still attract highly skilled, talented and experienced people, because it’s the truly skilled and experienced who know that it takes a strong team to deliver the ultimate outcome.

These are also the people who understand how much knowledge there is still to gain. Genuine humility underpins our approach to our craft and our working relationships - egos get in the way.


Often when we start a project we don’t know exactly what the end will look like. This can mean there’s ambiguity as we explore the landscape and immerse ourselves in the new domain.

We become heavily invested in our projects, and it works best when other stakeholders are equally immersed. We find that the clients most suited to working with us are those who want to dive in with us.

While we often work alongside subject matter experts, our teams tend to then become knowledgeable themselves, because that’s the depth of understanding it takes to create a truly effective solution.

This is also why we say we don’t believe in ‘the big reveal’ for an idea. There’s no smoke and mirrors, or big surprise, because everyone’s been in the thick of it the whole time.


We’re craftspeople, passionate about our work. Applying a good technique with a little flair. Each team member is great at their core skill or domain.

Our technical expertise is all based on trying to do simple things really well.

We don’t just mean technology. Everyone builds and maintains a technical expertise relevant to their role. We debate the right solution for every job, and if it isn’t in our skill set then we partner with experts.

At Liquid, we believe that it’s the application of knowledge that creates value.


We’ve got big ambition and like to be bold.

We’re not concerned about offering an opposing view or changing direction. We argue our case when we’re sure this is the right move, and have been known to persuade clients to do things they wouldn’t normally do.

Why? Because you have to break rules to innovate. You have to take risks to genuinely gain users’ trust and change behaviours.

We understand there are important restrictions on creative and there are boundaries that can’t be crossed. But we also know that staying safe doesn’t get you very far. We know our craft, our purpose and our landscape to which we can navigate with confidence.

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The Liquid Group

Liquid Interactive is part of a collective of companies with shared ownership and complementary skills, including Liquid Animation, one of Australia’s top animation studios with an extensive portfolio of work with Disney and Pixar, and Spunge Games, leading AR/VR developers and creators of the successful Faily game series. All three companies take pride in artistry, excellence and innovation, and often collaborate on creative projects.

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