Case Studies

Stories behind some of our most successful projects.

Museum of Brisbane

Launching BAD: Good campaign strategy, well executed

How do you make sure your campaigns are memorable, reach people at scale, and ultimately deliver results?

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Department of Health

Co-designing a digital government service

How can we co-design a digital service that helps consumers find online, government-sponsored mental health supports when and where they need them?

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Australian Public Service

Supporting high-performance culture in Australian government

How can you influence the culture of a national, siloed, 160,000-person organisation, with one tiny app?

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Responsible innovation: How to make small changes with a big impact

RSPCA had a business problem, and the obvious solutions were too expensive. Here’s how some clever design not only saved money, it made customers happier.

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Financial Basics Foundation

Improving the financial literacy of Australian school students

Creating and recreating a financial literacy game that stands the test of time, and has students playing it on the weekend!

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Designing innovative digital services for government

How do you create proactive and predictive government services that anticipate citizen needs? And in a way that is frictionless and personalised?

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Creating digital engagement in physical spaces

How can we use digital technology to enhance our experience of the real world? What does it take to surprise people, or inspire awe?

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Mr Rental

Building a brand through social media

Go behind the scenes with the Mr Rental team, and learn our simple three-step formula for social media success.

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An online platform to create long-term behaviour change

What kind of online platform would convince tens of thousands of school staff to change the way they work every day?

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Isuzu UTE Australia

High-value purchase decisions on mobile phones

Who makes complex and expensive purchasing decisions on their phone? It turns out a lot of people do, if you provide them with the right kind of experience.

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Entertainment in education and marketing

Liquid Interactive was born from an animation company, so art and entertainment are in our DNA and they bleed into many of our projects, no matter what the industry or domain.

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Continuous improvement for long-term success

Is your digital project a toaster, a car, or a Tom Cruise? Only one answer will give you sustained performance in the brutal arena that is the internet.

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MacQuarie University

Rapid prototyping to manage risk

When you make something innovative, there’s a higher than normal risk of failure. How can rough and rapid prototyping explore options, manage risk, and increase your chances of success?

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Production-line thinking for rapid delivery

The world’s first coal seam gas liquefaction plant needed a digital operations manual for incoming engineers. The only problem? The plant was going live in four months. Here’s how production-line thinking helped us deliver.

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